Why Are Group 17 Elements Called Halogens

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Periodic Table - Interactive Periodic Table of the Elements
Periodic Table of the Elements Element Chemical & Physical Properties This is an online interactive periodic table of the elements. Click on an element symbol in the.

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HUNTING THE ELEMENTS. Airdate: April 4, 2012. DAVID POGUE (Technology Guru): do bombs go boom? You have created fire! I could feel that puppy!
Chemical Elements.com - An Interactive Periodic Table of.
[Basic data, limited write-ups] Provides information on the 109 named elements plus elements 110 - 112.
NOVA | Hunting the Elements.

Chem4Kids.com: Elements & Periodic Table - Rader's.
The periodic table is a table of the chemical elements in which the elements are arranged by order of atomic number in such a way that the periodic properties.
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The halogens or halogen elements are a group in the periodic table consisting of five chemically related elements: fluorine (F), chlorine (Cl), bromine (Br), iodine.

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